General Anaesthesia

For some people we might recommend a general anaesthetic. Our specialist anaesthetist will put you to sleep for the duration of your procedure.

General anaesthesia is often used for people who:

  • are undergoing complex or significant dental surgery
  • have wisdom teeth that may be difficult to remove
  • do not want to remain awake during the surgery
  • have other problems with their wisdom teeth, gums or jaw
  • suffer from a disability that limits the treatment afforded to them in a general dental chair

Maven Dental Cairns City, formerly Cairns City Dental, is the only dental practice in the Cairns district that has a dedicated general anaesthetic facility and a highly qualified anaesthetic specialist visiting our rooms fortnightly. This means that we offer affordable anaesthetics for you, or your child, by eliminating expensive hospital and day surgery charges.

We also offer you a same day consultation and will schedule your general anaesthetic surgery at the next availability. No more lengthy delays waiting for hospital availability.